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When I first became interested in creating websites, I decided to grab a domain name for the business my husband and I planned to start when he retired. We decided to call it Steiners’ CATS, Inc., where the ‘C’ stood for “computer,” the ‘A’ for “and,” the ‘T’ for “technical,” and the ‘S’ for “services.” Of course, this was also a play on words for someone who really loves cats. As a result, was born.

In the early years, I worked with Microsoft FrontPage. Compared to what is available now, the program was primitive, but at the time it allowed me to create an online presence in red, black, and white. The business we planned to start never got off the ground, so the website focused on our cats.

Microsoft discontinued FrontPage in 2003, so eventually I had to find another option. I settled on Lauyan’s TOWeb, and recreated my site. There was a bit of a learning curve with TOWeb, but eventually I had arrived at a layout and structure I felt was nice.

At this time, I am trying to create a WordPress version of the Steiners’ CATS website, but it is not yet ready for publication as a replacement for the TOWeb site.

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