Category: Biblical Languages

Loves Her Work

Shawna is very skilled in teaching Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Biblical Aramaic, and loves her work! Top-notch teaching at an extremely affordable price at Birmingham Bible Institute, I’m very blessed to have stumbled upon this school (responded to a flier in the mail in 2004).

Highly Recommend

Shawna taught several foreign language courses in which I was a student. She is an amazing teacher, gifted in communicating difficult concepts in a way that enables the student to actually learn, patient with students, and very effective in building a student’s skills. She also demonstrates a high level of integrity in her approach to her work, is kind and compassionate toward others. I would highly recommend her for any endeavor she seeks.

Generous in Imparting Knowledge

Dr. Fenner has a precise and thorough knowledge of Greek and Hebrew. These are not easy subjects to learn, but she is very skilled at explaining the concepts, the grammar, and she is generous in imparting knowledge to her students. Her teaching method encouraged me to strive for mastery, and I recommend her as an instructor.

An Excellent Teacher

Shawna is an excellent teacher of the Biblical languages. Her command and expertise of Biblical Hebrew and Greek was expressed through her creative and personable teaching techniques. She brought meaning and understanding of the ancient languages to life through her love of the languages and care in sharing them with her students. You always felt she truly cared about you as a student and your development in your faith in Christ.

A Noticeable Love for Scripture

Shawna Fenner is a wonderful, kind teacher, whose love for Scripture is noticeable in the way that she teaches her classes. She is very knowledgeable in both Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek. Shawna is very attentive and has a unique way of locating her students at their level of comprehension so that her lectures are encouraging and not overwhelming. Shawna’s previous background as an English teacher helps her students and makes learning easier. Shawna’s classes in Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek equip students with essential tools useful in ministry. I feel truly blessed having Shawna as my teacher.

Very Dedicated, an A+ Instructor

Shawna is an excellent teacher of Biblical Greek. She is a very dedicated teacher [who] makes sure she gets the best out of her students, using clear and understandable examples. All the students [with whom] I have attend[ed] her classes express likewise compliments (an A+ instructor).